Strategic HR Development & Implementation

We meet you at the most critical inflection points for your business, offering strategic consultation that sets you up for growth.

HR executive support

All businesses can benefit from a strategic approach to hiring, managing, compensating and developing people. We fill in executive-level gaps in your HR function, mapping out a practical approach to meeting your goals as part of your strategic planning.

We can also help you manage HR professional turnover in the short-term by handling the day-to-day tasks while forming your HR department. More importantly, we’ll also help you create a sustainable, long-term plan for your HR function to address your anticipated business needs.

HR function analysis & planning

Strategic workforce planning

HR operations

Strategic programming development

High performance cultures are rarely accidental. A proactive approach needs to be calibrated to maintain unique, essential aspects of company culture while still raising performance and driving the business forward. We’ll take a holistic approach to encouraging personal and professional growth that fuels performance while creating a collaborative environment that helps to build a sense of purpose in your collective mission.

Tailored employee engagement and development programs

Compensation and benefits analysis

Strategic vision, change or growth initiatives

Change management

Transitions demand a blend of operational, strategic and people savvy. We help you avoid the endless cycle of stalled or failed initiatives by building internal momentum in support of change and realizing the goals you set out to achieve.


Change communication

Workforce analysis & business succession planning

Onboarding & Offboarding

Payroll & HR systems consulting

Mergers & Acquisitions

We know that a strategic approach to the myriad of HR considerations that impact M&As is critical to the long-term success of any deal. Focusing everyone on the big picture is key and that requires an actionable plan, clear communications and an operationally-effective team.


Compliance and due diligence consulting

HR operational integration


M&A internal communications