Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Everyone brings their cultural expectations, societal norms, and differences in identity with them to work each day. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts are a recognition that this reality flows throughout a company’s culture, impacts clients and customers, and even affects the wider community. In practice, a focus on “just business” misses an opportunity to leverage diversity as a performance driver while creating a blind spot that harms employees, clients, and your reputation in the community.

More than a mission statement

Tackling the complexity of DEI takes more than statements, statistics and affirmative action plans. DEI efforts can and must be tied to specific, actionable goals. We’ll help you identify opportunities like including diverse voices in decision making, accessing untapped talent pools, or developing new talent, new markets and new ideas no matter where they’re found. We’ll give you a clear-eyed assessment of your current hiring, promotion, leadership and client service practices. Then we’ll create a framework for accountability that will pave the way for specific, measurable benefits like gaining more visibility in the community, engaging and retaining employees, or developing strategic partnerships.

Programs with a purpose

DEI can be a strategic exercise to lay the foundation for business growth. Are you planning on expanding into a region with different regulations or demographics? Are you facing talent retention challenges? Are your community outreach efforts having an impact? Together, we’ll develop a proactive plan that paves the way to a more inclusive, productive workplace.

Recruitment, leadership, promotion analysis and goal setting

Training and development programs

Mentorships, educational initiatives and community engagement

Executive recruiting and strategic partnerships


Affirmative Action Plan for Office of Federal Contracts Compliance Program