Compensation & Benefits Strategy

Your benefits package should be an investment that is both sustainable for the company and capable of attracting and retaining talent. Expansion, workforce growth, high turnover or unfilled positions may indicate the need for a forward-looking evaluation of employee benefits. Our review begins with your strategic objectives and highlights where and how you can shore-up current benefits, stay ahead of job market expectations in critical areas, and execute plans for growth or expansion.

We’ll also develop a plan for change communication that will educate and engage current employees, as well as craft a messaging strategy for recruiting. In addition, we’ll collaborate closely with legal professionals to create a package that is responsive to tax law considerations and employment law in general.

Workforce planning analysis

We’ll provide an actionable, strategic understanding of your current workforce and job candidate market as well as your current and future workforce requirements to identify potentially critical gaps between where you are and where you want to be. To do this, we’ll:

Analyze your current workforce and how it is projected to change over time

Identify critical gaps between current workforce capabilities and future requirements that could impact your performance

Implement solutions to close workforce gaps and enable you to meet your strategic business goals

Monitor the performance of solutions and continuously improve the programs in place to maximize their effectiveness

Employee benefit programs and packages

Growth often demands innovation. As you add frontline employees, knowledge workers, sales staff, managers and executives, making sense of the myriad of working arrangements, benefits and expectations can become urgent and strategic. We’ll help you navigate the marketplace and develop a benefit package that is tailored to your needs while boosting recruiting, retention and engagement.


Benefits and compensation compliance and policies

Flexible working arrangements, remote work and on-site policy consulting

Consulting on feasibility and implementation for non-standard benefits, such as unlimited paid time off, entertainment, health and wellness, educational and technology programs