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Our experienced assessment team works with your leaders to assess and identify their individual, unique characteristics relating to their leadership and management style, as well as the way they direct their team. With specific goals in mind, our team works to identify potential leaders and helps to uncover actionable items to guide your current leaders to help them grow and thrive within your organization.

We realize that leaders need to exhibit behaviors and possess skills different from management-level team members. Our team looks at behaviors that impact leadership and determine the effectiveness of a leader within a given role. We are trained to administer highly targeted assessments that highlight areas where leaders excel, as well as areas where they fall short. By determining the source of any problem areas, we are able to provide focused development for your leadership team.

These assessments guide the development direction for your team to ensure that a customized plan is enacted to help drive toward your organization’s goals and objectives. The assessment also gives you a place to begin measuring progress toward those goals and objectives. This is a critical step in creating leaders that add value to the organization. 

Our assessment process includes:

  • Standardized individual assessments such as Profile XT (may need trademark) including one on one review and interpretation of results
  • Verbal and standardized 360 degree evaluation
  • Team assessments and profiles
  • Pre-employment assessment for organizational fit


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