Creating a Culture of Success

Enhance business operations with our HR Consulting and Leadership Development services

HR Consulting

Improving efficiencies and enhancing HR operations
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Leadership Development

Developing leaders and teams to drive business growth
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Granite HR Consulting works with companies to improve efficiencies and effectiveness in HR and to build high-performing executive teams leading to business growth

What We Do

Compliance Audits

Ensure compliance with current human resources laws and regulations as well as best practices.
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Compensation and Benefits

Develop an effective compensation and benefit program that increases workplace productivity and satisfaction.
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Employee Relations

Improving communication, employee issue resolution, proper documentation processes.
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Executive Coaching

Coaching for high-potential executives to accelerate development and impact.
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Leadership Assessments

Conduct assessments to create feedback on management and leadership.
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Mergers and Acquisitions

Solutions for your organization’s major transitions, specializing in mergers and acquisitions.
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Policies and Procedures

Inform employees of benefit packages, answer FAQs and provide a strong legal defense in the event of an employee claim.
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Program Development

We offer innovative approaches to your employment issues when you are challenged.
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Recruitment process, recruitment advertising and employee retention.
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Team Improvement

Improve team performance through group assessments and facilitated retreats.
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Innovative, forward thinking HR consulting and leadership development firm.

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